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Welcome to the 27th Infantry Regiment / 9th Special Forces Group Realism Unit

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~ The 27th Infantry Regiment Realism Unit currenlty is operating under a smaller unit scale until we can receive the numbers to run a full infantry platoon. We are operating as the 9th Special Forces Group with two active ODA's, a section running as the 71st Regimental Reconnaissance Company (Modeled after the 75th Ranger Regiment's RRC), and a pilot section from the 160th SOAR.


~ The 27th IR provides a uniquely modern and immersive take on Arma 3 Milsim centered around airborne operations. We utilize the newly adopted range of the army's next-generation weapons like the SIG M7, M250 and M388 with vehicles, and equipment to deliver an experience unmatched in realism and fidelity.


~ Our dynamic mission structure powered by a dedicated Zeus and planning team generates challenging, high-stakes operations where success is never a guarantee. Adaptive enemy forces using the latest tech ensure engagements stay fierce and unpredictable.


~An emphasis on specialized roles such as infantry scout section, forward observers, JTACS, rotary and fixed-wing aviation, and mortar crews, allows members to focus on excelling in a niche within the unit. Training is robust but welcoming to newcomers, with a 2-day onboarding cycle, 1 day of recruit training, and 1 day of OSUT .


~Our community maintains an inclusive environment welcoming motivated players of all backgrounds. We expect members to take their roles seriously and utilize proper tactics and procedures during operations. There is a time for jokes and banter, but the focus remains on coordinated teamwork and overcoming challenging objectives.


~At the same time, we believe a positive attitude and camaraderie between members is crucial for an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to strike a balance between realistic, professional conduct and forging bonds between unit members.


If you're looking for a modern spin on Arma 3 Milsim that leverages the latest tech and gameplay innovations, the 27th IR RU delivers an experience like no other.

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J. Duncan
ODA 9211 Operations Sergeant


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