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Joining the 27th Infantry Regiment

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  • 11A Infantry Officer

Joining the 27th Infantry Regiment Realism Unit


Minimum Age Policy

The 27th IR RU has a minimum age of 17. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Arma DLC

You must own the Apex DLC pack


You must have a microphone that works with Teamspeak 3.

Steam PID

In order to submit an application, you must provide your Arma 3 Player ID (PID. You can do so by logging into your Steam profile and copying the URL. Go to this website, paste the URL, and hit enter. Your Arma 3 PID is the 17-digit long "steamID64".

Naming Policy

You are not required to use your real name, and therefore many members of the unit use fake names. If you do choose to use a fake name, the following policies apply:

• It may not be a celebrity/silly name

• It must be a realistic name

Definition of Roleplay and Realism

This entails fully embracing your assigned role to enhance the realism experience during gameplay. As a participant in the game, you will embody various personas such as PVT, SPC, SGT, Infantryman, Medic, among others. Both in-game and during official interactions, you are expected to act as if you are a genuine soldier in that specific environment.

To achieve this, it is crucial to wholeheartedly immerse yourself in your role throughout the entirety of the mission. Avoid discussing unrelated matters like "fps," "lag," or "TeamSpeak issues" unless there's an urgent emergency that necessitates breaking immersion.

Our aspiration within the 27th is to offer an unparalleled Arma realism experience that aligns with your expectations.

Enjoying your experience 

Above all, it is of utmost importance that you relish your time within the 27th. As a gaming community, our common passion lies in playing similar types of games. If, for any reason, you find yourself not enjoying the experience, it is a failure on our part as a cohesive community and unit. Your enjoyment and satisfaction are our primary goals, and we strive to create an environment where everyone can have a fulfilling and enjoyable gaming experience.

Training pipeline and Participation requirements

In the 27th, your journey begins with the training pipeline, which comprises two essential phases:

Recruit Training (RCT): Once your application is accepted, you'll start as a Recruit (RCT). During this phase, you'll be introduced to the fundamental aspects of Arma, including mods, key binds, movement mechanics, and other core elements essential for beginners in our unit. The goal is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to kickstart your experience. After completing RCT training, you'll progress to the next stage. RCT training takes 1 day with a session of 2 hours 

One Station Unit Training (OUST): In OUST, you will delve deeper into honing your abilities as a grunt. This phase covers a comprehensive range of topics, from basic infantry movement techniques to the intricacies of room clearing. OUST equips you with the essential skills and knowledge to fulfill your role effectively. Upon successful completion of OUST, you will be assigned to your designated platoon, where you'll continue your journey within the 27th. OUST takes 1 day with a session of 2-3 hours 

The training pipeline is designed to ensure that all members receive the necessary preparation and expertise to excel in their roles and contribute effectively to the unit's operations.

Participation requirements

In the 27th, we have a well-structured monthly schedule comprising five essential missions. These include two squad training, two task force level operations, and one platoon training. Consistent attendance to these trainings is crucial for active members, as it helps strengthen unit cohesion and overall performance. However, if you encounter difficulties attending these trainings regularly, the reserve platoon is available as an option, providing flexibility while still contributing to the community.

We welcome and encourage members to be proactive and participate in other training sessions during their free time, such as attending additional squad or platoon trainings. Building camaraderie and fostering relationships within the community is highly emphasized. We believe that knowing a diverse range of individuals in the community enhances the overall experience and makes for a richer gaming environment. So, take the opportunity to interact and collaborate with members from various sections and squads beyond your own; it will undoubtedly enrich your time here in the 27th IR RU.

Positions and Billets 

The 27th IR RU has a range of billets that are available those include:

  • 11B Infantryman (Rifleman, Grenadier, Automatic Rifleman)
  • 11B Machine Gunner
  • 11B Anti Armor Specialist
  • 11B Scout
  • 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman
  • 68W Healthcare Specialist
  • 18X Special Forces Recruit
  • 153A Rotary Wing Aviator
  • 11F3B Fighter Pilot

Openings for these billets are subject to change depending on availability of said billet

Recruitment Contacts

All people interested in joining the 27th IR RU are welcome to contact any recruiter at all times to address questions, request information, or inquire about the requirements and the entrance training.

To contact a recruiter, you may post a reply in your application thread, hop on the TeamSpeak  server and see if one of the recruiters is available there or you can PM a recruiter on our Discord

The following is the list of the 27th Infantry Regiment Realism Unit's Recruiting Personnel.

Recruiting Chief:

2LT Oliveira


SGT Cira



Application Form

Below is a instruction on how to post an application

  1. A forum account with a valid email address.
  2. A valid first and last name (not a gaming handle or nickname). See our naming policies above
  3. A preferred Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). The currently available MOSs can be found above
  4. Your ARMA 3 Player Identification Number (PID). Instructions to look up your PID are found above

To submit an application go to the Application Template below and Copy and paste it in a new post in the same recruiting form you are in now. An example on how it should look when completed is also below. When you submit your application give 24-48 hours for S-1 to accept it. Once your application has been processed one of our recruiters will reply to that forum post and contact you via private message on the forums.

If you have any questions during the application process you are encouraged to send a private message via these forums to one of the above listed recruiters or refer to our FAQ section. You may also make a post on The Duty Desk for technical issues, or the Public Discussion forum for other questions.

Thank you for your interest in joining the 27th Infantry Regiment ARMA 3 Realism Unit, we look forward to serving with you in the near future.


Edited by SFC Duncan

J. Oliveira
S-1 OIC, 2-27 Infantry


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